Career Transitions Made Easy 

Group Coaching Programme with Jelena and WhatWork

How to transform your career in 9 easy steps

Are You...

  • Feeling stuck in current role/company (stress, burn out, toxic environment, lack of progression, underpaid, dead end job)?
  • Your values are not aligned with the role or company; you are in the wrong profession/vocation?
  • Looking for a new role/job, post redundancy or after a career break?
  • Wanting to transition into a new field or move from being employed into starting your own business /from being an entrepreneur back into employment or contract work?  

Is it time you get out of the rut, do something about your career? Is 2019 going to be your year? If you are ready to transform your outlook on life and your career, then join my Career Transitions Made Easy Group Coaching Programme!

How would you like to:

  • Feel empowered and confident because you know your strengths and weaknesses
  • Bust through your limiting beliefs and take inspired action on your career goals
  • Know where to look for roles and how to network effortlessly
  • Understand what recruiters look for in CVs, applications and interviews
  • Achieve career fulfilment when work does not feel like drudgery and secure a new role you truly deserve! 
Standing on edge

Please get in touch to arrange a free 30min, career assessment with me, to see if this programme is for you! I have helped 100s of clients in various career transition scenarios – I can help you too!

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Who is this Programme for?

Job hunters and Career Changers

Job hunters and career changers, who have at least a rough idea of what they want, but they are not getting there

Aspiring Professoinals

Established aspiring professionals, who have met with difficulties in attaining career fulfilment

Confidence & Real Life Mastery

Deal with: lack of confidence, limiting beliefs, not knowing your USPs, not knowing how to present yourself and impress recruiters

What you'll get: 


1--1 Call

1-2-1 Career Assessment call of 30 min upfront, 1-2-1 follow up 3 weeks after the end of the programme to check progress


Group Sessions

9 weekly group sessions of 75 min on Zoom over 11 weeks 


Coaching + Q&A

45 min of content on Career Fulfilment and Group Coaching + 30 min Q&A


Session Recordings 

Recorded sessions so you can listen anytime


Weekly Tasks

Weekly challenges and homework to solidify your learning


Tools & Exercises 

Tonnes of amazing materials, tools, checklists, scripts and exercises developed and/or curated by Jelena

What you'll learn...

  • How to identify your values, strengths and weaknesses and what to do with them 
  • How to create your elevator pitch 
  • How to develop your career narratives 
  • How to figure out what jobs/ career paths are suitable for you 
  • How to improve your CV and your LinkedIn 
  • How to network effectively for job hunting 
  • Job hunting mindset 
  • Where to look for vacancies and what is the ‘hidden job market’ 
  • How to do motivational matching 
  • How to get your applications to stand out 
  • How to ace interviews 
  • And much, much more!  

Session Modules

Module 1

Values (non-negotiables) in your life and career; Coaching mindset

Your strengths and competencies; Weaknesses and how to deal with them

Module 2 - Strengths and Weaknesses
Module 3 - Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch; Career wins; Career narratives – how to develop stories.

Your career options, how to research and qualify roles; How to analyse JDs

Module 4 - Career Options
Module 5 - Ways to search jobs

Ways of looking for jobs – networking, job boards, referrals, etc

Your CV and LinkedIn; How to use both optimally for job hunting and career change

Module 6 - LinkedIn
Module 7 - Job applications

Cover letters, applications, motivational matching applied

How to research the industry, the company, the role

Module 8 - Research company and role
Module 9 - Interview prep and practice

Comprehensive Interview preparation and Practice; You will find here what others don’t tell you!

Follow up call after 3 weeks to check progress and receive additional support

Follow-up call

Why Jelena & WhatWork?


I am passionate about helping aspiring professionals thrive in the careers they love. I know how recruiters think and I know how personal coaches work - so you get 2 for 1 with me! My career coaching is heart led, based on deep insights and working in alignment with your true values, strengths and motivators. I am all about results (and gimmick-free!) and offer a unique combination of deeper level work based on my training and practice as a personal coach with the application of specific recruitment knowledge and skills, including CVs, Cover letters, Applications, Interviews, Offers. My speciality is Interview coaching - my recent clients have secured roles in HSBC, Goldman Sachs, PWC, Oxford Instruments, Imperial College, Frontier Economics, Tottenham Hotspur FC – the range is phenomenal! I have also coached clients from employment into self-employment and launching their own business and those who have left their business and want to return to being employed. My 25+ years in international recruitment and education management business have given me the commercial acumen needed to integrate business coaching into my work as well and to confidently coach clients from various industries.  

Hunting for my first job following my PhD felt like a much more daunting and unstructured task prior to Jelena's excellent coaching. I was focused on what jobs I could fit my skills to rather than what type of role would suit me. Jelena helped me to clarify what was most important to me in a career and to explore which companies did and did not share my core values. Finding positions that matched my values was key to allowing me to apply for jobs with confidence and enthusiasm. Moreover, her interview preparation taught me how to demonstrate my competencies and passion effectively. With Jelena’s help I secured the first job I interviewed for! A big part of this success was Jelena’s support in finding a role that matched me so well." - Will, Economic Consulting  

Jelena is an excellent career fulfilment coach. She has the right balance of calm, empathy, support and challenge to support you to be the best version of yourself. She also knows the right assessment tools to help you reflect on your leadership style and builds on the results well to help you connect the dots. Just half way through the total number of coaching sessions I was able to secure a new role, having had specific guidance on application and interview preparation. Thank you!” -Oonagh, HR Director  

“Jelena is an amazing coach! She is very professional, reliable and simply the one person who helped massively to overcome some patterns of behaviour that I couldn’t do with other personal and professional development work. Nobody coaches with such amazing variety of techniques and tools. She encouraged me to take ownership of my own talents in a very organised and objective way leading me to a new career path. I do appreciate the trust, clarity and confidence I’ve gained from working with Jelena and WhatWork.” -Maria, UK Financial Lead  

Ready to launch your new career?

Special price for the first 5 people who sign up!